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New Addition: Karren Brady

Baroness Karren Brady - the football club running, Apprentice starring, super successful business woman will be joining us as part of the 2017 Training Academy.

Karren Brady, Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE, is best known as 'the first woman in football' after becoming Managing Director of Birmingham City FC at only 23. She sold the club in 2009, and in 2010 became the Vice Chairman of West Ham FC, the Premier League club that recently moved to the Olympic Stadium as part of a deal that she negotiated. She's also Lord Sugar's right hand woman on The Apprentice.

Brady has won many awards for services to business over the years, including being named Business Woman of the Year and Most Inspirational Woman of the Year.

Join Karren at this exclusive event as she shares her Top 10 key ingredients for success in business as well as the story of how she turned a failing business into a world-class brand.

The Entrepreneurs Circle Training Academy exists to help you and your business become more successful, more quickly.

We’re the only Training Academy in the UK that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and their staff to smash business growth and you are going to love our 2017 Programme because it is, by some margin, our best yet – with lots of new courses and some big, big names joining our faculty.

With A 2017 TEAP You Get Unlimited Access To All Of Our:



‘The Implementor’

The Ultimate Marketing Implementation Bootcamp

This is a three day intensive event at which you'll develop your Marketing Plan AND get a lot of it actually implemented and done BEFORE you go home.

Guided implementation - where you’re supported, hands-on, by real experts who get ‘down-and-dirty’ with you to actually help you to execute and get things done AT the event. The focus is on you leaving with your marketing actually done;

We're running it four times in 2017 and it really is the best way for you and your team to get s*** done..

Day One will be spent helping you firm up and finalise your Marketing Plan and then, on Days 2 & 3, you’ll get it done.
I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-E-D. Before you leave for home.

And you’ll be helped on your way by an army of EC experts because I’m closing our office for those two days and making everyone in my team available to work with you.

In addition, I’m mobilising my Trusted Suppliers and other experts that I go to, and depend upon, to get stuff done for me.

They’re my crack team and for the final two days of this event they’ll be working for YOU.

You see, the problem with most training is that you learn stuff, draw up your action plan, and then when you get back home nothing happens. You get dragged back into the day-to-day and never make the progress that you wanted.

Well, not anymore.

Not with ‘The Implementor’.

You’re covered because your implementation will get done. While you’re still here!

And, that’s just for starters…

Celebrity Masterclasses

With your TEAP you can attend all of our Celebrity Masterclasses in 2017, all created especially for Entrepreneurs Circle.

Our Celebrity Line-up

Sir Clive woodward

Gerald Ratner - Friday 19th May

Former CEO of the major British jewellery company, Ratner’s Group

Very few achieve exceptional success in business and acquire extraordinary wealth. If you do it once in your life, you're unusual.
But if you lose it all and then build it again well that makes you pretty unique which is why there's is no-one better for any entrepreneur to learn from than Gerald Ratner.

Debra Searle

Debra Searle MVO, MBE - Wednesday 11th January

British adventurer, business owner, author and motivational speaker.

Debra is the person who has delivered THE most impactful talk ever from an EC stage (ICC 2014) and now she’s back – for a full day workshop. Debra’s story is captivating but, much more importantly, in this one-off Event exclusively for Entrepreneurs Circle, you'll not only go away inspired but you'll be equipped with the mental tools and strategies you need to conquer the challenges and exploit the opportunities that you face in your life - and your business.

Sir Clive woodward

Sir Clive Woodward OBE - Wednesday 1st March

World Cup Winning England Rugby coach, entrepreneur and Team GB Director of Sport.

A unique, one-off event, where you'll get to spend several hours with one of the greatest living coaches in the world - someone who understands business from the inside - and from whom we can all learn so much...

Levi Roots

Levi Roots - Wednesday 12th July

Reggae musician, celebrity chef, businessman and multi-millionaire.

On this unique day, you'll learn Levi's full story - from the inside.
He'll teach you his formula for 'The Perfect Pitch' - something he learned over many years and many failures - and how to build and nurture a brand that adds real value to your business.

Katherine Grainger

Katherine Grainger CBE - Wednesday 29th November

British adventurer, business owner, author and motivational speaker.

Dr Katherine Grainger is only woman to have won medals at FIVE different Olympic Games. She’s become an iconic figure in British sport and this will be a day filled with passion; anger and determination. A day that will inspire you but also educate you. It's a day when you'll get a rare insight deep into the psyche of a woman who has prevailed against great odds, an insight that can equip you to achieve more, a lot more, in your life as a result.

These are all full day events where you'll get to spend in depth time with these hugely knowledgeable, inspirational individuals who'll be sharing their insights and helping you to grow.

These are NOT one hour keynote presentations.

They are in depth sessions with lots of interaction - and photo opps!

It's likely that our Celebrity Masterclasses will sell-out quickly. Capacity is limited and until the end of November bookings will only be open to 2017 TEAP holders meaning that the only way to get a ticket for one of these events is to invest in a 2017 TEAP.

Flagship Events

These are our ‘flagship’ courses for good reason. Feedback consistently puts these events at the very top of the tree with many delegates describing them as ‘lifechanging’ or ‘transformational’.

These are all genuinely world-class courses that have impacted many thousands of entrepreneurs.

*Courses must also be booked before the end of Ocotober

(NB. Due to high demand the Celebrity Masterclasses are will take place at a larger venue, not at EC HQ)

The Flagship Events on offer for 2017 TEAP holders include:

The Secrets of Selling Anything A roadmap to success for anyone in sales who Is NOT aggressive, NOT a smooth-talker and NOT an extrovert…
The Will to Act How to gain confidence, overcome fear and build the business (and life) that you desire…
A David Browne Masterclass
How one entrepreneur transformed his ailing family business into the recognised leader in it’s industry in less than three years…
The Missing Link A brand new Flagship Event for 2017 that explains for the first time why some entrepreneurs flourish and achieve great success whilst others struggle all their lives and  never achieve wealth? Uncover the difference that makes the difference. You might be surprised…
Your MBA in Half a Day
As Warren Buffet said “If you can’t read the scoreboard you don’t know the score. And if you don’t know the score you can’t tell the winners from the losers”. Your accountant might not want you to come on this course – but you definitely should!
Business Excellence Bootcamp How do companies like Disney get 60,000 employees to broadly do the right things for their customers all the time whilst in smaller businesses entreprenuers struggle to get a team of 6 to do the right things consistently? This course has all the answers…
Million Pound Masterplan No-one has more experience or knowledge of what it takes to build a million pound business than Nigel Botterill and his two day Masterplan Event has been transforming business and changing lives since 2012…

TEAP Courses

A ’TEAP’ is a season ticket, a ‘Training Event Annual Pass’, which gets you access to this all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of genuinely world-class training courses.

It’s also become synonymous amongst members of the Entrepreneurs Circle as the noun used to describe the three dozen cutting edge courses that are on offer covering all aspects of marketing and business growth.

Each course is 100% practical and useful for business owners - and their staff - who want to make their business better, more successful and more profitable;

They are each run by a genuine expert in their field and they take place at our purpose built, super-colourful Training Academy near the NEC in Birmingham.

Over 40 world class training courses

Run by genuine experts

Fully accredited for CPD

All 100% practical and useful

Also, for 2017, each Course has our ‘No Cancellation Guarantee’ meaning that no courses will be cancelled – so you can book with complete confidence.


Online Training Courses

With a TEAP you’ll have access to over 40 Online Courses - all available to you and your team 24/7 - including many that are at the cutting edge of marketing and business growth.

Many of our most popular - and most useful - courses have been professionally filmed and edited and then split into modules, with handouts, workbooks and supporting material available for you to download.

As a 2017 TEAP holder you'll have access to ALL of these online courses for the whole of next year.

It's a compelling package – and it’s ALL available to you for a ridiculously low price with our innovative and unique TEAP
– a Training Event Annual Pass.

Training Event Annual Pass (TEAP)

Unlimited training for a tiny investment...

In 2015 we pioneered the TEAP – a Training Event Annual Pass – whereby business owners could invest in a ‘season ticket’ for unlimited training for them and their staff.

It proved a phenomenon – and Entrepreneurs Circle is in a unique position to make TEAPs even more widely available for 2017.

You see, we have our own building, with our purpose built Training Centre, and a staff of over thirty, many of whom are leading experts in their specific fields. This means that, unlike most training companies, our costs are fixed and, as a result, we can make world-class marketing and business growth training available at extraordinary prices – with a TEAP.

The concept is very simple.

With a TEAP you can:

• Attend UNLIMITED courses

• Grow yourself, your staff & your business

• Save thousands on your training investment

You can choose from 3 different TEAPs, depending on which is right for your business.

With a Team TEAP you can book up to 3 places on any and all courses, including Flagship Events and Celebrity Masterclasses and whichever TEAP you choose it’s valid from the date of purchase until the end of 2017, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of the fantastic training programme.

All this training is about bringing about a transformation in your business – and your life
– and you get ALL of it,
from as little as £699
(if you’re quick!)

Just one of these world-class courses is worth the cost of a TEAP on it's own - indeed many of the Flagships, Bootcamps or Celebrity Masterclasses have a ticket price above the total investment required for a TEAP.

But with a 2017 TEAP you get ALL FIVE types of training - and access to EVERY SINGLE Course, Masterclass, Bootcamp or Online module for a whole year, INCLUDED.

Course Registration Fee - Beyond your investment in the TEAP, the only additional cost is a non-refundable £24.95+VAT per seat Registration Fee for each day of training (£34.95+VAT for Celebrity Masterclasses).

Remember: the EC Training Academy exists to help you and your business become more successful, more quickly.

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